Mandi Milner - Lead Educator

Since the age of 12 Mandi has been working in the Beauty Industry, assisting at her mother’s salon. If you told her then that she would one day own her own salon she would have laughed. Fineline has had the privilege of calling Mandi a member of the team since the doors opened 9 years ago. During those 9 years Mandi has traveled all over the U.S. sharing her knowledge of all Fineline featured brands including GK, Mowan, Babe, MyColor and now Color Wow. Mandi is not only full of knowledge but also talent. Her work has been showcased on runways across the map and featured in both Modern Salon and Behind The Chair Magazine.

Dani Campisi - GKhair

Dani has been behind the chair for 5 years, but don’t let that fool you. Dani is a color wizard, creating some of the fiercest balayage looks & cool color creations. She has been an exclusive GK account for 3 years and part of the Fineline team as GK Educator for a year and a half. Dani’s love for GK mixed with her energy and spunk is exactly why she is part of our Education Team.


Angie Medeles - GKhair

Miss Angie Medeles will tell you exactly how it is, and she has earned that right considering she about to hit her Silver Anniversary as a Cosmetologist. She has run her own salon for 16 years! “ I like to break the rules, because I know the rules.” is one of her infamous quotes. Angie came to Fineline 3 years ago as GK educator, with a resume that included 12 years of prior experience educating for another haircare line. Talk about dedication! Along with being a devoted GK user Angie is known for going where some stylists are scared to go.

Jen Keller - Mowan

Hailing from New York, Jen Keller spent the first 8 of her 22 years as a pro behind the chair in her home state when she realized that she wanted to do more. She spread her wings and started educating across the country. Once Jen decided to plant her feet in Chicago she didn’t stop there. Not only has she worked behind the chair and become an educator, 7 years ago she made her next big move and opened her own salon! Two years ago Jen joined the Fineline Family proving her creativity and fashion forward views - exactly what Mowan 10 minute color is all about!


Moi Gonzalez - MyColor

Moi decided he wanted to be his own boss 6 years ago and opened his own salon. With a total of 15 years of experience under his belt Moi joined the Fineline Team as a My Color educator 2 years ago. Every-time he teaches a class his experience, talent, and dedication are on display. Did we mention Moi is a recipient of a Chicago Cosmetologist Artistic Team Award as well as a Color Trends Award for Aveda and Joico.

Judi Kopacz - Babe Hair Extensions

Don’t let the infectious smile fool you, our Judi has a fun, sassy side to her. With over 20 years of experience in the salon world, Judi has mastered many different techniques of the trade. As owner of Salon Agape for over 3 years Judi prides herself in sharing her knowledge with her staff. Judi is a Hair Thinning Specialist, Certified in all methods of Extensions, Ninja of Color and Lash Extension expert! She has been a dedicated Fineline Client for years, so it was a no brainer that she join our Education Team and continue to show how amazing Babe Hair is.


Chadwick Calkins - Balmain

Chadwick is an international Balmain Trainer with a deep-rooted love if his craft. Over the course of his 15 year career he has dedicated his energy to learning the “art and science” of dressing hair. His love of Balmain Pair Hair Couture stems from the brand’s focus on maintaining the integrity of the hair while providing all necessary tools to give every client the exact look they desire. When he is in the salon, on the set of a photo shoot, prepping a bride for her bid day. or working with industry peers, Chadwick’s desire to continually learn and share knowledge is the core of his passion.