Infused with Nordic nature

Dissatisfied with products containing harmful ingredients and natural alternatives that couldn’t perform, INSHAPE founder Göran Grönberg was inspired to create a balanced hair care range that produces remarkable results and is made with ingredients found in nature.

Each INSHAPE product contains ingredients grown locally and is free of any harmful parabens, sulfates, and silicones. 

Our award-winning line of professional hair care products is developed and produced in the Scandinavian countries of Sweden and Finland. With effective natural ingredients derived from herbs, berries, flowers, and trees that grow naturally in the Nordic region, INSHAPE is introducing the curative powers of centuries-old Nordic remedies to the world of hair care.


Birch Bark  |  For centuries, Ornäs birch extract has been used for its cleansing, soothing, and healing properties in a variety of holistic remedies. In hair products, it fortifies the hair shaft while protecting it from environmental effects and its lightweight yet rigid structure gives hair voluminous body.

Calendula  |  Prolific in Sweden and commonly known as the marigold flower, calendula stimulates blood circulation and hydrates the scalp, which helps prevent dandruff and hair loss.

Lingonberries  |  Used as a treatment for arthritis in Swedish folk medicine, lingonberries contain compounds with anti-inflammatory properties that give shine and moisture to the hair and skin, encouraging hair growth.

Linseed Extract  |  Extracted from plants at a high altitude (and exposed to a higher amount of UV light during ripening) Swedish linseed oil is the highest quality and clarity. It nourishes the hair and scalp by adding weightless moisture to damaged hair and revitalizing the skin.

Nettles  |  Often featured in Swedish soups and teas, nettles are also useful to relieve allergies and joint pain, as well as a treatment for shinier, healthier hair. Its natural oxygen-rich chlorophyll makes the nettle perfect for volumizing styling products.

Sea Buckthorn  |  Found along Sweden’s rocky coastlines, sea buckthorn is rich in vitamins that promote healthy hair and scalp, giving softness and strength.